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Film Developing

We develop, scan and print C41 and black and white film in 35mm and 120mm format, and we develop disposable cameras.

35mm Develop & Noritsu Scans from £11.95

35mm Develop & C-Type Prints from £11.95

120mm Develop & Noritsu Scans from £11.95

Standard Turnaround is 4 work days

Express Services

One Hour + £4

Same Day + £3

Next Day + £2

Student Discount - £2

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Film Scanning

We use a Noritsu HS 1800 scanner to extract the very best from your negatives. Noritsu scans are widely regarded as the highest quality lab scans, both for colour and black and white film.

C-Type Prints

Our prints are real photographic prints. Your images are projected by laser onto light sensitive photographic paper. The paper is then processed using traditional chemistry, resulting in continuous tones that cannot be matched by any other process. 

Our Noritsu printer self-calibrates for colour and density at the start of every day.

We have a walk-in no appointment service from 11 am to 5 pm Monday to Saturday. We handle every format of Passport / Visa for every country worldwide - you'll have prints (plus an electronic copy and photo-code) within 5 - 10 minutes. More details here.

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